Zotskolf: an additional opportunity to be hopelessly wrong

string operations on levels

03 Sep 2015

At various times I have had to do string operations on the levels of a factor. The standard example is when you have an ID that consists of multiple pieces of information (think of "customer1-item1"). The operation

don't type it twice

31 Aug 2015

In interactive data analysis I often update a variable after performing some operation on it

bootstrap on aggregated data

24 Aug 2015

If you have a data where ech row represents a separate observation then getting a bootstrap sample from it is just

Wine in a box

03 May 2015

I have had some visits with the ENT doctor recently, and his conclusion (translated and paraphrased) is "shit happens". Sometimes you lose most of you sense of smell.

Back to emacs

03 Apr 2015

When I first started playing with computers I used vim. Quick to start and easy to use over ssh. Years later I switched to emacs, mostly under the influence of playing with lisp and using proofgeneral.

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